About Spark & Gather

It all started when...


Spark and Gather is a social studio that creates and curates social media content for boutique businesses. We believe people are captivated by stories, and your business has a unique story and perspective that is worth sharing with the world. We meet people where they are—on social media—and use your online platforms to bring them off of their phones and in through your doors.


We view social media as part art direction, part customer service, and part marketing strategy. Managing an account is an important, but time-consuming, part of owning a business in this day and age, so we’ll take care of everything from creating a cohesive and branded feed on Instagram to interacting with your customers on Facebook, so that you can focus on doing what you love.


We pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of social media trends, our focus on building a community around your brand, and our affordable rates. 

About Cabell


Hey there! I’m Cabell Johnson, the creative behind Spark and Gather.

I started my career as a photography major at East Carolina University, and worked in event planning and graphic design before launching Spark and Gather in 2015. I’m from Richmond, Virginia, but now live in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I love the combination of a growing local art and restaurant scene and a small-town soul.

When I’m not strategizing creative marketing tactics for my awesome clients (everyone from floral designers to breweries—yes, my job is as fun as it sounds!), photographing content for their social media feeds, or answering questions from their customers online, you can find me browsing the racks at my favorite stores, sipping craft beers at local breweries, and counting down the days till my next trip to my favorite summer road trip destination, Wrightsville Beach.



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